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Who Am I?  Finding Your Purpose—the beginning of all the things you want starts with the simple act of self-reflection.  Knowing who you are is vital to how you live your life and to getting where you want to go.  But how often, after years of focusing on everything but ourselves, do we find ourselves wondering if we have an identity at all? This ON PURPOSE 86400 Keynote leads the audience to explore the question “Who am I really?” and offers tips for finding your purpose and becoming the visionary of your own life.  So “Who Are You Really?”  Let us guide you to your purpose.


My Values ~ My Mission –have you considered lately what it is you value? Did you know that our personal core values are inherent in us, but often remain dormant, undiscovered.  This ON PURPOSE 86400 Keynote leads the audience to discover and identify their personal core values and offers tips to live in alignment with our values so that we all can lead happy, connected and meaningful lives.  So “Do You Know What You Value?”  Let us guide you to your values.


Mastering Your 3 Superpowers – Time, Energy and Money—time, energy and money are hot commodities.  We are constantly trading these currencies for something else, but often we are not really paying attention and making conscious choices with our trades.  This ON PURPOSE 86400 Keynote leads the audience to recognize the value of these commodities and offers tips to master our use and exchange of these commodities.  So, “Which Is Your Most Valuable Currency?” Let us guide you to master your superpower.


The Art Of Compassionate Communication—change the game on old perspectives about communicating.  When we make a real effort to understand the needs of others, and when we learn to understand our own needs and choose to respond without judgments and threats, we can build relationships based on trust, respect and understanding that help achieve much more than traditional communication styles.  This ON PURPOSE 86400 Keynote leads the audience to learn a life-changing, powerful four-step process of connecting to others that allows everyone to get their needs met and resolve differences peacefully. So, if you are ready for a new perspective on communication, let us guide you to “The Art Of Compassionate Communication.”


Graduation Commencement/Grad Talk – Alumni Version—for commencements or key life moment transitions, this ON PURPOSE 86400 Keynote is chuck-full of the classic themes – determine who you are and what you stand for; be responsible for your own happiness and self esteem; share your greatness with the world; work hard to live your mission every day; and much more.  If commencement is long behind you, allow our “Grad Talk--The Alumni Version” to reignite the spark. So, graduates (or alumni), let us ignite (or reignite) the spark!


Looking For Another Topic? Just Ask—we are always looking to expand our offerings, so just let us know if there’s a topic of interest that you don’t see here and we can create what you need!

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