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Personal Well Being

PERSONAL WELL-BEING—is about YOU and everything about you! Or in my case, me and everything about me! This Life Circle area includes all the basic “must do’s” of daily grooming and maintenance to the “desired do’s” of inspiring and introspective activity, and everything in between. It’s about being the best you can be – mind, body and soul. When I am at my best, I can most effectively contribute to all of the other areas in my life. The beginning of all the things you want starts with the simple act of self-reflection. Knowing who you are is vital to how you live your life and to getting where you want to go. With On Purpose 86400 you will
explore the question “Who Am I Really?’ and learn how to be the visionary of your own life. Start thinking about it – “Who are you really?”

Financial Independence

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE—is the next Life Circle to explore. We all have a money history that determines our relationship with money. Knowing how we value money and making spending decisions based upon our overall values is the key to financial security and financial serenity.  The ability to be financially independent is necessary to wellness and whole being. As the saying goes, “a woman’s best protection is a little money of her own” (Clare Booth Luce). And I
say, you need more than just a LITTLE money of your own. It’s about having the ABILITY to be truly financially independent if need be. The safety and security of your ability in this area contributes to how you function in so many other Life Circle areas.

Faith / Community

this Life Circle area has many different meanings.  For some, Faith is defined by their religious faith, for others spirituality involves practices to foster a sense of connection to something outside of ourselves in the search for life meaning.  When we speak of community, we mean looking out for the greater good of all.  However you define it and whatever such practices you implement in your daily living, the benefits of Faith, Spirituality, and Community, are immeasurable.  Studies in psychology have shown the many benefits—positive self-esteem, optimism, a sense of meaning in life, a gracious and compassionate demeanor, and the ability to flourish, self-actualize and savor life experiences. I strive to strengthen my faith and be guided by it in my daily actions.  The deeper my faith has become and the more I reach out to others in the community, the more fulfilling and rich my life has become.  This richness completes my Life Circle and overflows into all the other areas of my life, making life much sweeter! Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities sponsored by the On Purpose 86400 network to connect with the community!

Home Center

HOME CENTER – is the next Life Circle area to explore.  Home is where my heart is.  Home is our family safe haven.  By this Home Center area I mean the structure of your home and the family within.  For me, I am married to my first love and we have a beautiful, remarkable, inspiring daughter and a smart, sweet, loving son, and two furry friends – our “mature” pudgy Puggle named Honey and our new, rambunctious French Bulldog named Tito.  Our home is a calm oasis where we retreat for comfort and security and where we lovingly welcome friends and family to celebrate life’s occasions.  The On Purpose 86400 network will be sharing great tips and inspiration throughout the year to help you make your house a home, to help you stay gathered with your loves ones to celebrate holidays and occasions throughout the year, as well as to help you make everyday moments special.  For those of you who know me personally, you know I love my themes all around the home—themed parties, themed outdoor deckscapes, themed Christmas trees, décor and more!  On Purpose will be sharing many ideas with you and we look forward to special workshops focused on the Home Center!

Relationships / Connections

RELATIONSHIPS/CONNECTIONS—this Life Circle area is all about the ties that bind.  Let’s face it, life is just more fun shared with family and friends!  Making time for family and friends reminds me to have fun and enjoy the moment.  Many studies link the benefits of connections to increased happiness, better health, reduced stress, inspiration and motivation, a sense of value and identity, and even a longer life! For me, my extended family and my Circle of Friends are vital in my life and I strive to nourish those relationships with the attention and appreciation they deserve—I can’t imagine my life without all these wonderful people who provide such support and joy in my life! The On Purpose 86400 network will be a source of ideas, inspiration and tools to help you foster these relationships in your own life or grab some of these people who are special to you and share some of our On Purpose 86400 events with them and enjoy the moment together!

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