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On Purpose 86400 is a women’s resource network that provides personal development workshops, advice, and inspiration to women looking to lead intentional lives – all 86400 seconds a day—thus the name!


It’s personal development that’s fun and inspiring – think “self-help, personal development meets ladies’ night out cocktail party!” Locally, we host quarterly workshops and other events throughout the year and On Purpose 86400 is available for corporate training and corporate events, locally and across the U.S.

Come get inspired to live your life On Purpose 86400!

Meet Susan Priest Richlak

On Purpose 86400 Founder & Lifestyle Expert

Thank you for reaching out! For as long as I can remember, I have been inspired to live intentionally. I am a self-confessed, self-help book junky. I have always lived my life focusing on the life circle areas that were important to me and figuring out day to day just how those life circle areas fit together to make up my world. After years and years of dreaming of starting this company and after collecting tote bags upon tote bags of material, in 2019 I decided to start acting as if my company were in existence. I started doing little things every day toward my goal of hosting personal development workshops and bringing inspiration to women. I started reaching out to lifestyle experts to share my vision and brainstorm ideas. I researched and studied personal development topics and I created workshop content. I had a logo commissioned and had a website designed. By the end of 2019, my website launched and I announced my first event. In January of 2020, I hosted the inaugural On Purpose 86400 event to a sell-out capacity and I am not looking back. On Purpose 86400 is my heart and soul and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

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We Can't Wait to Bring Our Inspiring Personal Development Events to You!

"I really enjoyed the On Purpose 86400 workshop that taught about values. We did an exercise to identify our core values and it was eye-opening! I appreciated the affirming personal mission statement I walked away with. I still reflect on it to remind myself how to live more purposeful on a daily basis. Thank you for offering these workshops for the personal development enthusiasts of the world."

- Moly Ketcham

BCD Meetings & Events

"As a time strategist I see busy people all day long. However, being busy for the sake of being busy doesn't leave you with a fulfilling life - it just leaves your worn out, frustrated, and feeling like you are missing something important. On Purpose 86400 changes that. Susan helps provide opportunities for people to slow down and make sure they are taking time to put first things first. Because life is so much more than being busy - it's about being purposeful."

- Lisa Crilley Mallis


"As a Wellness Coach I couldn't have been more honored to participate in the first "On Purpose 86400" Workshop. Susan's mission to live life with intention, with purpose is exactly what I want to achieve in my life everyday as well as guiding my clients to do the same. The two workshops I attended were so much fun! The energy of the women in the room was beautiful. I can't wait to be able to attend another one, hopefully soon!

- Dana Kelly

Dana Kelly Wellness

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